Parts of Speech Exercises- Classifications with Examples

What are Parts of Speech?

Words used in a sentence to express feelings are called parts of speech. Words referring to the same part of speech usually show similar syntactic behavior (they play a similar role in the grammatical structure of the sentence), and sometimes also show similar forms because they are changed by similar attributes. There are eight kinds of parts of speech for instance- Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, conjunctions, and Interjection. For learning English Grammar knowing parts of speech is very crucial. We can Learn it well with parts of speech exercises. So, first of all, we will learn the classification of parts of speech with examples.

Parts of speech Exercises

1. Noun

The noun is the name of anything. In the broad sense, Nouns are the largest category of words in most languages ​​(including English). A noun refers to an object (Table), a person (Donald Trump), an animal (Dog), a place (New York), a quality word. (beauty),  or an action(singer).

2. Pronoun

The words which are used instead of a noun is called Pronoun. Replacing nouns or noun phrases (her, him). Pronouns replace nouns to make sentences shorter and clearer. For example- he, him, they, who, those my us, etc.

3. Verb (Parts of speech exercise)

The verb is the action word. For learning correct English, you must know verbs. The verb is the fuel of a sentence. A verb is a state of being in a sentence, verbs can be expressed at different times depending on when the action is performed, a verb is a word or combination of words indicating an action or state of being state Verb is the part of a sentence that tells us what the subject is doing. Verbs are at the heart of sentences in English.  Among the 8 parts of speech, verbs play an important role in the sentence. For example- do, go, read, touch, love, etc.

4. Adjective (Parts of speech exercise)

A word designating an attribute of a noun, e.g. cute, red, or technical is called an adjective. For example- Jhon is a good boy. Here ‘Good’ is an Adjective because ‘Good’ expresses John’s quality.

5. Adverb Definition

Words or phrases that modify or define adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs or phrases that express the relationship of place, time, environment, method, reason, degree, etc. An adverb may also modify adjectives, other adverbs, phrases, or even entire sentences. For example; He came here quickly. He runs fast.

6. Preposition(Parts of speech exercise)

Prepositions are words or phrases used before nouns, pronouns, or noun phrases to indicate a direction, time, place, spatial relationship, or object. Some examples of prepositions are words like this at, for, to, with, etc.

7. Conjunction

Conjunctions are words that connect other words, phrases, or sentences together. I like cooking and eating, but I don’t like washing dishes afterward. Ronaldo was obviously tired, but he insisted on jumping until dawn. Conjunctions allow you to form complex and elegant sentences without worrying about multiple short sentences.  you should make sure that the sentences connected by the joint are parallel.

8. Intersection, Parts of speech exercise

Interjections are words or phrases that appear as statements and express spontaneous feelings or reactions. Unlike typical words and phrases, most interjections are used to express feelings rather than expressing ideas or concepts. Interjections can be three types of meaning: volitional, emotional, or cognitive.

Example Hurrah! we won the game. Alas! He is undone. What a beautiful lady she is!

Parts of Speech exercises

You can practice the following example of parts of speech for better learning. Practically we need parts of speech exercises. otherwise, we can not recognize parts of speech properly.

  1.  The Atlantic is a big ocean.
  2. I bought a beautiful doll at the mall
  3. What did she ask you to do?
  4. If we finish our work quickly we can go to the shopping mall.
  5. He runs fast.
  6. People criticized him for one careless act
  7. I want to go to a university in Canada.
  8. We first went to the shop to buy a few things
  9. My friend said, oh! What hot weather!”
  10. He frequently goes for a walk.
  11. I am an adult woman and I expect to be treated accordingly.
  12.  Donald Trump is very happy to win the election.
  13. Paris is a clean city.
  14. Jacob tells a lie.
  15. Hurrah! We gained the victory.
  16. Neymar Kicked the ball.
  17. Messi plays well.
  18. He is a gentleman.
  19. Hurry up, We have to go.
  20. The rainy season is my favorite season

Answers the above (bold words) Parts of Speech Exercises

1. The Atlantic – Noun

2. Beautiful – Adjective

3. She- Pronoun

4. Quickly- Adverb

5. Fast- Adverb

6. Careless- Adjective

7. University- Noun

8. To- Preposition

9. Oh! – Interjection (Sign of exclamation)

10. Frequently- Adverb

11. And- Conjunction

12. To win – Verb

13- Clean- Adjective

14. a lie- Noun

15. Hurrah!- Interjection

16. Kicked- Verb

17. Well- Adverb

18. Is – Verb

19. Hurry up – Verb

20. Favorite- Adjective.



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